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Welcome to Erickson Acres!

Welcome to Erickson Acres, a family friendly horse training facility located in beautiful Spring Valley, Wisconsin. With over 30 years of dedicated horse training experience, our focus is to provide top notch horse training and instruction for our clients in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere (for both human and equine). We offer training, riding lessons, summer day camps, clinics, sales, leasing, boarding, and so much more.

We are not a stuffy, rigid, riding barn... we like to have fun! You will find lots of smiles and laughter here; children, adults - entire families - are encouraged to come join the fun. Sarah Erickson will help you find that connection you long for with your horse, and you will make new friends along the journey. Don’t have a horse? No problem! We have several well schooled, safe horses here available that are appropriate for beginning riders all the way up through seasoned, advanced riders looking to challenge themselves to rise to the next level of riding.

Take a few minutes to browse through our website to learn more about what Erickson Acres has to offer. Call or email us for more information or to schedule a visit.

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Barn Happenings
A note from the Lead Mare:

This mare has had an amazing summer. While the calendar says it's fall, there is still plenty of ride time left this year.

We took a quick ride to Camp Lake WI 8/29 for a one day eventing show.  I showed  Magic and Virginia showed Ruby in Starter.

Note to self -- make sure you know exactly what test you are going to ride for dressage.
Ruby was in her normal form as a babysitter - taking care of her rider at her first show.

Magic was a rock star again at this show. He rocked his dressage test and Stadium. He was ready to strut is stuff. One hick-up in XC that I'm pretty sure I broke every rule of not looking at the jump. However, at second attempt he flew over it.

 In February, Lana and I went to Scottsdale with Magic for the Arabian show in February. The weather was wonderful. Magic was 101% unbelievably spectacular from the time we left to the time we got home!! What an experience.

I am opening options to possibly doing video lessons via Facebook or Facetime. Ask for details.

Dates to be Announced
Intro to Jumping
Intro to Dressage

I am a HUGE fan of HayChix bale nets.
(if you order: use this link for 20% off
Back to the hay nets. I have 9 horses on a bale. The bale lasts about 5-6 days with ZERO waste.

I am taking reservations for spring training. Get your horse on the list for first spots (only 4 per month)

1 week tune-up starts at $175.

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