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2023 Summer Day Camps

We are suspending Day camps this year. If you are interested in day camps, please let me know.

Looking for something fun to do this summer? How about a full week of learning the art of Dressage and the thrill of Jumping?!! We accept riders from beginner on up to learn or advance their riding skills. The riders will be divided into groups based on level of skill. Sessions run Monday thru Friday, with Friday ending with a Fun Show and Awards starting at 12:00 p.m. We encourage you to invite all your family and friends to attend the show to see what you have accomplished over the week!

Click here to download a registration form.

An introduction/ continuation in the art of performing exercises in a balanced, supple, athletic and responsive manner through subtle movement of hands and legs and slight shifts of weight of seat. Riders will learn the origins of the discipline, to properly ride a dressage test and balancing a horse for each exercise.

Jumping is one of the most thrilling activities for both horse and rider. Riders will learn the basics of jumping and gymnastics (ground rail/ cavalletti work) to prepare a horse for jumping larger fences so both horse and rider are confident at a new obstacle. There will be an introduction to cross-country jumping. Jumping will help improve balance for any style of riding.

In addition to the specialized training for each of the camps other instruction will include but not limited to: horse care, importance of stretching and massage for horses, horseback games, intro to vaulting, horse trivia and tack care.

Sarah Erickson is owner and instructor at Erickson Acres. Sarah has been riding horses for over 35 years; spent 15 years in 4-H showing and training horses through the MN Horse Training Program, UW- River Falls Graduate with B.S. in Animal Science – Equine Business, U.S. Pony Club and 4-H volunteer.

She is committed to sharing her expertise and passion with riders of all levels to increase their confidence and ability to successfully work with horses. Sarah’s focus is in Classical English riding: Dressage, Eventing and Jumping. Sarah also enjoys Endurance Racing and quiet trail riding with family and friends.

With full camps (6 riders); there will be 2 camp counselors.

  • Riders must provide their own lunch everyday of camp.
  • Riders must have SEI rated helmet and leather boots that come above the ankle, with 1” to 1-1/2 " heel. Sleeved shirts (short sleeves- minimum) are required- No tank-tops
  • It is encourage that rider wears breeches or fitted riding pants. Jeans can cause riding sores on the human and make for an unpleasant ride. Please consider half-chaps or tall-boots, if you have them.
  • Camps are rain/ shine; dress for the weather
  • You are welcome to bring your own horse, please contact Sarah to make arrangements. Current coggins and shot record required
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2023 Camp Dates
Youth Camps
For this year we are not doing camps.
We may in the future.

Adult Camp
We are also suspending Adult camps.

Click here to download a registration form.

Registration Deadline: Monday, one week prior to camp. Limited spaces are available; only 6 entries accepted to ensure maximum personal attention and safety. (MINIMUM 2 required to hold camp)
* Call to see if there are openings
  if it is after registration close date.
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