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My name is Riley ***. I fell in love with Tinman's Treasure "Hickory" when I was 11years old (Feb 2018). I had just grown out of my pony and was looking for my first horse to use in Pony Club. We were worried about trying such a young horse, Hickory was six at the time. We couldn't stop thinking about him and coming back to his sales ad. We were trying out other horses at the time and he was totally out of our way. Something told us that we had to go and check him out. So we made the trip. My mom made me keep trying out other horses too, but I knew, right away that Hickory was the one for me. Sarah was his trainer, she is also a great instructor.  Sarah was honest about everything with Hickory. The first person that we saw ride Hickory was Sarah's 9year old daughter. We could tell immediately that Hickory was a sweet, kind soul. Sarah wouldn't put her daughter on him if she didn't trust him. Sarah is safety conscious and straight forward. She didn’t sugar-coat anything. Sarah put a lot of thought into naming him too. We could easily tell that he was loved so much. He has been a truly amazing horse for me. We won the first event that we went to. That event was far from home and somewhere we have never been to. I get a ton of compliments on Hickory. He is so sweet and well mannered. He is super smart,
athletic, and has great self-preservation skills. He is an awesome jumper but can do everything. Our Pony Club rode in the 4th of July parade in our town of Gladstone. Hickory acted like he has done many parades before. He is everything that we would want in a horse and more. I am super excited for our next riding season! Thank You, Sarah for finding my perfect match!
      ~Riley and Hickory (2019)

I am a client of Sarah's and cannot say enough about Erickson Acres. The property itself is beautiful and impeccably managed at all times. Any horse would be lucky to find itself boarded there and its owner could rest assured that their horse is receiving the best of care. Last year (2010) I had my mare trained by Sarah for 3 months. She came back to me INCREDIBLY trained, and looking better than ever. Sarah went above and beyond anything I ever expected during the training process. She is firm, but ALWAYS fair. To say she is dedicated would be a gross understatement. Her background, formal education, and knowledge of horses is truly top notch. Sarah's expertise (especially in the english discipline) definitely shines through in both her ability as a trainer as well as an instructor. She pushes me to advance at every lesson, yet is always respectful of my safety. Her rates are family friendly (some of the best in the area) as is the barn's atmosphere. It's just a fun, laid back place to be. And Sarah is probably one of the most positive, energetic and honest people I have ever come across. I would happily recommend her and Erickson Acres to anyone and everyone!
        ~ Liz and Shiloh (2010)

Sarah did a great job in tuning up our Paint, Scout. She told us before hand, how many times she would come to our place per month and she did not miss any dates except for inclement weather (we have an outdoor). In that case, she rescheduled. Scout needed toning, transition, and trail work. He also needed a firm and consistent rider. We chose Sarah because of her experience in Pony Club and this was important for us because Pony Club has strict training standards.

Sarah put in lots of time and patience in getting him to transition (lots of circles in both directions, too!). She spent an hour and sometimes more, if she was working through issues. Scout would sometimes buck or simply evade work and Sarah worked through this. Sarah was never cruel and I have never seen her use harsh methods. She has a strong work ethic and this was reflected in her horsemanship and excellent seat. Scout was never more fit than when ridden by Sarah. Scout is currently being ridden by my fifteen year old and twelve year old daughters-both of whom are in Pony Club.

Sarah passed on valuable techniques to get a better riding experience for Meg when she rides Scout (He needs getting after and consistency). Meg is able to trail Scout and it is now an enjoyable ride for her. He currently goes cross country for her and Ginny. Because of Sarah's time on Scout, Meg, Scout's primary rider, has the confidence and to take Scout on trails, jump, and attend Pony Club events. We thoroughly recommend Sarah as a knowledgeable horse trainer.
        ~ Emily & Scout (2007)

We bought a horse from Sarah and we really like him. We don't have as much experience with her training because we haven't ever had a horse trained by her, but from what we've seen of her in our Pony Club (she helps out with it) and from her selling us the horse, she is very confident and gentle, but she is firm and will not let a horse get away with anything. I would definitely recommend her as a trainer. She really understands horses and they love her.
        ~ Susan and Mary & Diga (2009)

I had my mare trained by Sarah and she was great with her. She gets to know how your horse, and learns the best way it learns [and] goes with it. After she trained my horse she gave me lesson on her so I knew how to ride her correctly and feel comfortable in the saddle with her under me. She is firm but at the same time kind and I love how my mare turned out that I would take any horse I ever own even if I move out of state I would drive my horse here for her to train.
       ~ Kristy & Krissy (2004)
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